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Shannon Hinton has been a true Inspiration to me. We met about 6 years ago and I had no idea our relationship would grow to something as beautiful and supportive as it has.

Mrs. Hinton has been my Go-to without her even knowing it. She’s a natural mentor and valuable friend to many but I can vouch truly for myself. When I started down my new career path almost 4 years ago she was a huge cheerleader motivating me to go after my dreams, and I have, she’s allowed me to bounce ideas off her and she’s always believed in me. I admire her so much and to receive validation from her is invaluable.

A year ago my 15 year old daughter ran away from home numerous of times and I was so lost, confused and hurt not to mention scared. I didn’t know where to turn until I decided to call Shannon. She picked up the phone and she only heard silence from my end, and immediately knew what to say and do. Shannon shared with me, she knew exactly what I was feeling and ensured me it was gonna be alright. She lifted my daughter up in prayer right then and there speaking her name out loud over and over again. She then after her powerful prayer, sternly yet lovingly, told me to pick up my head and move forward, which I did.


I have gained so much strength being in her presence. She teaches because she truly cares about people. She has become my friend, mentor and yes my Go-to.

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