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I am the mother of three beautiful daughters.  I have found that beginning as early as twelve years old and lasting somewhere around the age of seventeen years old, they have all gone through a period where they have challenged my authority. During these times It seemed like I became “public enemy number 1”.

In these seasons it was imperative that I had a sounding board, a support system and biblical guidance. Someone who could not only give a listening ear and empathize with me, but to also be an advocate for my daughters.  Compassionately directing me in considering reasons why my daughters may be acting the way they were; all based on biblical truths.  This is who Pastor Shannon was for me.  In the mist of those dark times I received the inspiration, encouragement, love and prayers I needed to not give up.

Today I have a great relationship with my daughters, and I am grateful for, and I am a supporter of M.A.D.E.  (Mother And Daughters Empower)

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